Surrey Interior Design requires 70% upfront when Ordering, Templating Worktop or Supplying a Kitchen and 30% split between delivery and completion

Surrey Interior Design reserves the rights to hold a full deposit if the client wants to stop the contract in the middle of the process of work.

If the contract is stopped before the process of work than Surrey Interior Design will hold £270.00 as an administration fee

If the client pays a deposit means that they agree to the terms and conditions of Surrey Interior Design

The full payment received from the client covers the agreement of the terms and conditions and all the supply and installation satisfactory

If there is a delay in the delivering the goods than Surrey Interior has all the powers to investigate it fully and make sure that clients receive what has been ordered.

If the goods are delayed due to a transport issues, or any other reasonable means but then delivered within the supplier’s timeframe than the client is still responsible in paying in full


Surrey Interior reserves the rights to refuse any quotation given from other suppliers or from the online services

Any quotation given by Surrey Interior remains for 30 days without changing its price

Any approximate measurements given over the phone or via e-mail for a quotation, is to be checked upon the kitchen plan given by the kitchen unit supplier. The price may change if extra material is needed


Surrey Interior Design is a Stone fabricator, Kitchen Supplier only

All materials supplied by Surrey Interior are subject to terms and conditions

Surrey Interior may sell other materials from other manufactures based on the choice of the buyer, but is not responsible for the care and maintenance of the material after the installation

The warranty on the material is given by the manufacture of its origin itself.

If the client wants to change the material due to a damage, colour faulty after the installation than Surrey Interior will visit the site to investigate the problem with the material and notify the manufacture that produced the material and issued the warranty.

The materials can only be changed if the manufacturer of the materials is satisfied that there is a problem with the material itself or damaged during the transport

When the client decides for the material it means that they agree to the terms and conditions applied by the fabricator and manufacture of the material


Any damages to the material during the process of fabricating and installation Surrey Interior is responsible in replacing it.

Any damages to the material such as smear marks, water marks sealant marks to the materials after the installation Surrey Interior is not responsible, but it is the responsibility of the client to maintain the material at its best after the installation

If is there hard water supplied to the client’s house and is affecting the colour of the material by leaving smear marks or any stain in it, then it is the responsibility of the client to have it repaired before or after the installation, or get that information to the fabricator before the process of the work in order to get further advice.

Surrey Interior is not responsible for any damages caused to the material physically or accidentally by the client before or after the installation

The client is responsible for choosing the colour of the material and its features


Surrey Interior will give full care and maintenance details to clients in order to keep the material to its standard

Surrey Interior does not give any warranty to any material sold / bought by other suppliers or through other suppliers

Surrey Interior will give full details of the manufacture of the material to the client before deciding to pay the deposit and after the installation

It is the client’s responsibility to give details to the manufacture of the material in order to have a warranty issued on their name.

Surrey Interior is responsible for the fabrication and installation of materials only.

Terms and conditions are up dated depending on the terms and conditions of the manufacturers changes.

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